Saturday, July 13, 2013

The First NFL Bountygate Personal Injury Suit

I thought it wouldn't take this long, and I also think they're in the wrong forum, but an NFL player is finally suing over Bountygate, alleging that he was targeted for injury as a result of Gregg Williams' bounty program for injuries when Williams was coaching at Washington.

Links are here, here, and here to several stories on the complaint, which is still behind a firewall.  But it alleges both criminal and civil battery against a Redskin player, motivated by the coaching plan of rewarding people who injured opposing players.

I think this case would be a better fit under the jurisdiction of the NLRB--it may be pre-empted to go there in any event.  For one thing, the conduct alleged is a violation of the CBA because it involves payments for players "off the books", something that is a major violation of the NFLPA-League agreement.  Whether the League wants to push the case to the Board is another thing, but there might be some good reasons that the clubs and Williams want to avoid a federal jury trial on this matter.

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