Friday, May 18, 2012

Social Media - The Rise of Twitter in Pro Sports

I talked earlier about how pro sports leagues are moving to restrict the use of social media by individual athletes and coaches just before and during games, and for obnoxious behavior in general.  But what if a team was posting to the fan base?

The LA Kings, a wildly unlikely hockey success this year, have apparently mastered the art of snarky tweeting, something that endears them to sportswriters and sports blogs, and the fan base as well.  The tweet above, for example, shows a post following a King victory over the Vancouver Canucks, who I guess are not really well-liked outside of British Columbia.

I'm not sure how the NHL deals with this--I suppose the team could be fined since it's the front office representative that's doing the sassing, but it's hard to ignore the fact that the practice is driving a lot of interest to the site and the feed.  And that's the whole idea in the entertainment biz.

Does this undercut the League policy with respect to the players?  A little, but if it leads to more revenue, I suspect that the front office will turn a blind eye/ear to the occasional riling tweet from LA.

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