Friday, May 18, 2012

New EEOC data by state

Curious about how your state stacks up on the bigotry index?  Well, wonder no more--the EEOC has now published a state by state summary of its discrimination statistics.  As far as I can tell, the data is virtually useless, unless you are writing some type of research paper on long term trends in changing perceptions of the workforce about federal discrimination law, or want to scare potential clients into using your services.

But if you want to know what percentage of the national genetic discrimination cases are found in your state, this is the site for you.  E.g.,

FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011
for Illinois
% of US total charges6.1%5.3%6.1%
% of US race charges6.4%5.5%5.6%
% of total state charges37.6%37.5%32.7%
% of US sex charges5.6%4.8%4.8%
% of total state charges27.6%26.2%22.5%
National Origin652610606
% of US National Origin charges5.9%5.4%5.1%
% of total state charges11.4%11.5%9.9%
% of US Religion charges4.7%4.7%4.6%
% of total state charges2.8%3.4%3.1%
% of US Color charges4.9%4.3%5.2%
% of total state charges2.5%2.3%2.4%
Retaliation (All)2,0081,9991,949
% of US Retaliation (All) charges6.0%5.5%5.2%
% of total state charges35.1%37.8%32.0%
Retaliation (Title VII)1,7031,6491,589
% of US Retaliation (Title VII) charges5.9%5.3%5.1%
% of total state charges29.8%31.2%26.1%
% of US Age charges6.2%5.3%9.7%
% of total state charges24.6%23.4%37.4%
% of US Disability charges6.5%5.6%5.2%
% of total state charges24.5%26.5%22.0%
Equal Pay Act666050
% of US EPA charges7.0%5.7%5.4%
% of total state charges1.2%1.1%0.8%
% of US GINA charges0.0%7.0%9.4%
% of total state charges0.0%0.3%0.4%

Somebody at the Commission probably got a nice performance bonus and raise out of this little project, so I encourage you to take advantage of viewing what your tax dollar hath wrought.  Happy perusing...

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