Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is He Going to Give Himself a Performance Improvement Period, Too?

Partly because of my military background, I tend to be sensitive to disputes between federal branches of government.  U.S. military officers are prohibited by law from criticizing the president and other senior elected officials, and for good reason.

So I was appalled at the judgement reflected by this federal judge in Montana in circulating an e-mail joke about the president that has clear racial overtones.  It apparently caused him to re-assess, too.  At least he's calling for an investigation of his own conduct.

This is laudable, and it got me thinking about the precedent it could set for other management types, in and out of federal service.  For example, what if managers who did dumb things started stepping up and admitting they screwed up, and then submitted themselves for disciplinary action?  What if their charges did the same thing? It could lead to an entirely new paradigm for management and business schools.  It would mean that we wouldn't need all the conflict resolution processes, and the people who service them.  It would mean  we wouldn't need nearly as many employment lawyers to....

Never mind.

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