Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things Old People Shouldn't Say in Job Interviews

This should be common sense, but as a 50+ guy myself, I find that it's easy to lapse into trite phraseology or standard responses that indicate a certain lack of, shall we say, "hipness"?  I can safely say that recollections of your past that seem quite recent might seem a long time ago to someone in their 30s. For example, the Challenger shuttle explosion occurred 25 years ago.  Many of your co-workers won't even remember the event. 
I would add to this list in the article:  Pulling out a Jitterbug phone in the presence of the interviewer; detailing your personal reminiscences of the Eisenhower administration, saying things like "hip" or "groovy" (without trying to be funny), and any reference to a typewriter.

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